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VideoSkip allows you to filter out several types of objectionable content from video streams. It can skip sections entirely, or simply mute the sound or blank or blur the video, at your discretion. Because it does not modify the videos in any way, but rather plays them selectively, it does not infringe media copyrights.


VideoSkip works by selectively skipping, muting, or blanking the video without editing it in any way. Content providers collect their rental or purchase money directly without interference. VideoSkip users are simply exercising their right to see or not to see specific content.


Video sources vary so VideoSkip keeps edits in sync across sources automatically, or manually by means of a screenshot, with single-frame precision. In our tests, there was no video source where VideoSkip failed to work.


Unlike similar offerings, VideoSkip is and will always be free and private. No subscription is required. No server or cloud is involved during playback. Users can exchange their edits freely on this website. Login is only required for posting or making requests.

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